• Kobi Cohen

Israel : Dream of the Future

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As a small westernized country tacked onto the geopolitical map of the Near East, Israel has always had to fight. For its existence, first of all, then for its defence and its development. The region’s history is steeped in incredible wealth, having been a crossroads for major civilizations, leading religions and major commercial and cultural currents that have nurtured the European, Arabic and Asian worlds. Pierre Brouwers has scoured a land made rich by intensive immigration and a land of amazing vitality. He shows us a country that grants extreme importance to the past and is ever keen to shape its future. Tel Aviv . Jaffa . Herzliya . Rehevot and the Weizmann Institute . Caesarea . Haifa . Saint-John of Acre (Akko) . Lake of Tiberiade . Golan wine . Nazareth . Bet She'an . The Dead Sea . The Kibbutz and the natural reserve of Ein Gedi . Massada . Neguev . Biblical animals . Eilat . Aerial views . Approach to Jerusalem . Etc. -

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